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About Us

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group imagesMaster Del Pe and his global program Champions of Life prepare kids and teens to take positive charge of their life and be responsible global citizens who can harmonize the best of their tradition with globalization.

He thinks that “children should be equipped with tools to become not only leaders, but leaders of leaders with mastery of the “Unity through Diversity” principle. They should be trained to make better decisions or be able to live their greatest life by creating new options to master their new destiny.

A cornerstone of the Champions of Life approach is to introduce, study and understand world cultures, world religions and world philosophies.

This program augments the current educational curriculum by enabling kids and teens to become leaders of leaders at an early age. Master Del Pe emphasizes that students should not only have a Career Path, but also a Life Path.

The new champions will become legendary beyond our expectations. The best Leaders of Leaders who will usher in the golden age will come from them. These children will have the heart of Mother Teresa, the mind of Einstein, the will-power of an Olympian and the philanthropic capability.

champions of life logo

STAMP is a pioneering training program to maximize performance in kids and teens so they can experience more balance, confidence, resilience and creativity in their daily life.

STAMP is fun and entertaining. Programs are designed for kids ages 7 to 15 .

kids and teens come away with life skills like decision-making and situational management, leading to greater self-mastery. Self-mastery builds self-confidence, self-control and self-discipline leading to maximum achievement in their life.

Through the life skills developed by STAMP Programs, kids and teens gain tools needed to foster “sweet will”, generosity and creativity. They develop the will to tackle and finish projects and schoolwork independently. They enjoy deeper friendships with others who share a positive outlook thanks to increased discernment. They bring an out-of-the-box thinking style to solve problems with 5 Intelligences.

STAMP enables kids and teens to develop deeper inner and outer resources that can serve as a compass and map so they are able to grow through challenges or difficult times without getting lost or overwhelmed.

The new perspectives and strategies kids and teens develop during` the STAMP Summer Programs can be honed throughout the year with special online programs. Friendships can be sustained across continents and cultures through a secured dedicated online STAMP blog and internet activities, etc.

STAMP's groundbreaking curriculum and coaching programs help to keep kids out of trouble while preparing them for success at all levels of life with tools not taught in schools .

STAMP will empower and train your children every summer

We welcome your children to become champions of life

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