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1. Decision-making Strategies for Smarter Kids**

(2.5 hours daily)

  • Training in decision-making fundamentals and their different strategies
  • Study of the functions of the mind, emotions, vitality and instinctive intelligence in decision-making
  • Daily decision-making activities
  • Training on individual and group decision-making
  • Situational management and street smart decision-making practice
2. Recreation, Entertainment and Social Intelligence Training**

(4 hours daily)

  • Modern and ancient games, puzzles and special videos/movies to develop smart thinking, stimulate think-tank brainstorming skills and test values of the participants
  • Talent unfoldment and self-discovery of strengths and weaknesses for the participants (evaluation by Master Del Pe and his team of coaches)
  • Field trips, Entertainment and International fellowship experiences (meeting and socializing with children from different countries and cultural backgrounds)
3. Aquarian Martial Arts-Yoga ScienceTM (AMAYS 101)**

(2 hours daily)

  • Daily training and mentoring to train participants with self-confidence, self-discipline, self-control, focus, concentration and the habit of finishing what they start in life with excellence
  • Daily training in “Breath Science” to master the mind, emotions, vitality and the body
  • Daily profiling and observation to evaluate the personality type of each participant, transform negative attitudes or character weaknesses, refine strengths and chart their lessons in life
  • Learn “Meditation Science” to help each participant align and balance their personality and inspire inner values and virtues in life
4. BEwell ScienceTM (Coaching and Healing Strategies)**

(1.5 hours daily)

  • Daily healing and coaching by Master Del Pe and his team of senior healers addressing health issues or blockages in performance
  • Communication with parents about their child's issues and potential solutions, when required

Note : **Some of these activities will overlap - the full day schedule is 9am to 5pm with lunch & snack breaks