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1. What are the dates of the STAMP program?

  • 7 days from Friday, August 1st to Thursday, August 7th, 2014 for Kids and Teens

2. What are the hours for STAMP?

  • STAMP begins at 9:00 am : Please arrive by 8.45 am
  • STAMP ends at 5:00 pm : Please arrive for pick up by 4:45 pm

3. What is the tuition fee?

    STAMP Tuition includes all activities fees, lunch, etc.
    First child is $800
    Early bird $700 (by June 15, 2014)

    4. Do you offer sibling discounts?

    Yes, siblings can join for $700. Early bird $600 by June 15th.

    5. Do you have a referral fee, if I refer a friend?

    Yes, 10% referral fee, if another child/teen you refer joins the program. This shall be reimbursed after the program. To submit go to: https://docs.google.com/a/masterdelpe.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFVPNFdZUlBKSHBBeWRlRlFPb3d4R0E6MQ

    6. Does STAMP provide food, snacks or drinks?

    Yes, STAMP provides lunch, plus 3 to 4 snacks daily and drinks. If your child has special dietary requirements, please let us know before STAMP begins.

    7. What do I need to purchase for STAMP?

    STAMP provides all materials needed for your child/teen to participate in all STAMP activities.
    STAMP field trip fees, etc., are included in the tuition.

    8. How does STAMP help kids in school? A message from Master Del Pe:

    STAMP participants learn Aquarian Martial Arts-Yoga ScienceTM and the 5 Intelligences which will bring a new way of learning. It will help them to have the ability to learn faster and develop their mind like an Einstein while opening their heart to develop emotional intelligence as with Mother Teresa.

    The participants will learn how to lose without becoming a victim or feeling like a failure; and how to win with humility. We can help bullies and oppositional kids who have a difficult time in school. STAMP also helps to heal physically, mentally and emotionally through BEwell ScienceTM which will be offered throughout STAMP - continual healing is a big benefit by itself.

    Another advantage of STAMP that you cannot find in other summer programs is our ability to turn weaknesses into strengths. We can help a bully type kid channel his/her will-power in positive directions. Those who do not have an awareness of their environment and are "clumsy" will become more balanced. Some participants may be very good in numbers or science but not good in social skills; we will help to balance that with more development of the heart/emotional intelligence.

    This is not offered in any other summer program today.

    This is just the beginning level. We will continue next year with Level 2 so participants from this year will be able to go deeper into the techniques. And, we will offer another session of Level 1 for those who are new to STAMP. Our program is on-going, every year.

    9. Is there a follow up program for participants after STAMP?

    Yes. We will provide secure online access so participants can stay in contact with one another during the year. There will also be optional online courses throughout the year for STAMP participants and their families.

    Arrangements can be made for optional follow-up Coaching-Mentoring sessions. We can provide referrals to BEwell ScienceTM coach-mentors in your area who can provide additional services. Our coach-mentors speak several languages – Spanish, Italian and Hindi.

    10. What kind of martial arts do you offer?

    Aquarian Martial Arts-Yoga Science (AMAYS) integrates the different types to build martial arts for power, confidence and balance along with yoga and meditation for focus, centering and balance.

    It is important for kids and teens to learn how to have discipline to build positive will-power. There is a relationship between will-power and anxiety, fears and worries. The greater their will-power, the less the emotional turmoil they will experience. Having love alone is not enough. Without will-power many people cannot finish what they start, or focus on achieving their goals.

    Aquarian Martial Arts-Yoga Science (AMAYS) includes many life tools and psychologies. This is not typical martial arts training. Master Del Pe has trained many children and teens (as well as adults) in martial arts around the world. He uses humor in his training – and even scientifically inclined kids find that his training style stimulates their appetite for fun.

    Combining martial arts with yoga gives kids and teens new tools to maximize their performance in all areas of life.

    After STAMP, their ability to control their emotions, finish their homework and projects, make better choices in social situations, develop greater self-confidence and respect for others will be awakened further.

    11. What about fun?

    There will be games from around the world and other activities, so learning through STAMP is enjoyable. STAMP participants experience the sense of fulfillment that comes from discovering and doing. There will be group activities, social time, movies, field trips, arts activities, recreational activities like mini golf, bowling, puzzles and time to make new friends. Each participant will get an opportunity to shine. The program will flow according to the "STAMPers'" needs. Master Del Pe will lead and direct it along with his international team of trainers.

    12. Will there be any trips attractions?

    Yes. We will be visiting nearby attractions, lakes with volleyball, parks, museums, etc.

    13. In addition to Master Del Pe, who will be leading STAMP?

    Master Del Pe is the Director of the program. An inter-national team of Trainers will assist Master Del Pe at STAMP. Our team includes doctors, pediatricians, psychologists and more.

    We will bring the world to your child/teen! In addition to the games, martial arts, videos, group discussions and just plain fun, your child/teen will have the opportunity to meet children and trainers from around the world.

    14. Will STAMP change my child?

    Yes. The loving Mother Teresa types will develop faster instincts. The Napoleon types will have opportunities to develop more win-win skills. The entertainer type of kids like Oprah will learn how to focus on finishing what they start. The scientific type of kids will develop a bigger heart and enjoy socializing more.

    Kids will learn how to create games and toys – how to have fun with just about anything. We will play ancient and modern games. They will learn how to lose with dignity and win with humility.

    15. Can I learn some of the strategies my child will gain during STAMP?

    Yes. Parents can learn many life tools for unblocking themselves and their family. You can even learn balancing-life strategies and healing science if you wish. For more information, please get in touch with your local coordinator, email us at stamp@masterdelpe.com or call: Dr. Richa Joy at +1.773. 628.3854 or Ms. Mel Gurry at +1.860.205.8780.

    16. Is there a book that describes the 8 Types of Children?

    Yes. Master Del Pe outlines this modality in his book 8 Type of Leaders Every Leader Should Know. It is available at www.masterdelpe.com or from your local organizer. It includes detailed descriptions of each of the 8 types, their strengths, weaknesses, greatest pleasures and pains, and learnings. Profiling forms are included so you can discover more about yourself, your child and family as well as your professional associates.

    17. Does STAMP have a conduct code?

    Yes. STAMP follows the behavior code outlined by the State of Texas and we will make it as universally accommodating as possible. STAMP rules outline our policies and must be signed by parents and STAMP participants.

    Parents will be notified if their child/teen is having difficulty controlling their behavior. Participants who are continuously disruptive to others or the program can be expelled. We will do our best to heal and coach them first. We will not easily give up on your child.

    18. Is health insurance required?

    Yes. Participants must have health insurance coverage while attending STAMP. There are several options for obtaining health insurance. For US residents, it is possible to buy a "short-term" policy if you child is not already covered.

    For people flying to Texas, airlines often offer insurance plans for a small additional fee. We can suggest resources for international or short-term insurance.

    19. How can I contact STAMP?

    STAMP phone: 832-865-5147, 281-259-8096. STAMP email: stamp@masterdelpe.com