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“Think benevolently, Speak wisely, Act fairly, Work intelligently, Share altruistically, Serve selflessly, Live moderately, Success follows… Fulfillment thereafter.”   
- Master Del Pe
STAMP is Safe and Orderly.

  • Conduct causing a threat or danger to the physical well-being of a participant or another child/teen or staff or any other person;
  • Intentionally causing or attempting to cause physical injury;
  • Any act of harassment, including but not limited to those based on an individual’s sex, race, color, religion, disability, sexual orientation, national origin or ancestry;
  • Intentionally causing or attempting to cause damage to personal, private or public property;
  • Stealing or attempting to steal personal, private or public property;
  • Refusal to obey the directions or orders of a member of the STAMP staff;
  • Possessing a firearm or weapon, dangerous instrument, knife, blackjack, etc.;
  • Possession, sale, distribution, use or consumption of tobacco, drugs, narcotics or alcoholic beverages. Any medication to be administered while participating in STAMP is to be given to the STAMP staff with a Medical Authorization Form signed by the parent/guardian.
  • Unauthorized use of any STAMP computer, laptop, computer software, internet connection, media system, DVD players, TV’s or any other STAMP property or system, or the use of such property or system for the unauthorized or non-STAMP related purpose.

Consequences Leading to Possible Removal and Expulsion

The staff shall have the right to ensure that all STAMP participants are safe throughout the program.

  • Participants may be removed from participating in the events, for conduct that endangers persons or property; behavior that is seriously disruptive to the educational process or that violates a publicized policy of STAMP.
  • This includes disruptive behavior during STAMP activities whether they happen in the STAMP facilities, while travelling, on field trips or under other circumstances.
  • Parents/guardians will be notified if a participant is having difficulty controlling their behavior.

Examples of Actions and Consequences:

Negative Actions: Fighting, swearing, foul language or being disrespectful to another participant, staff member or volunteers; disobeying or ignoring the rules; public displays of affection; stealing, defacing property or vandalism


  • First time - Notification of the participant’s parent/guardian
  • Second time - STAMP will record the incident
  • Third time – The STAMP Director or his designees determines consequences in consultation with the participant’s parent/guardian

Participants can be removed from an activity if they are having difficulty controlling their behavior.

“Expulsion” means the exclusion of a participant from the STAMP program. This is a situation under which the continued presence of the child/teen in the STAMP program imposes such a danger to the persons or property or such a disruption of the educational process that an “expulsion” must be issued.

In the event of expulsion, the child/teen will not be allowed to continue in the STAMP program. The parent/guardian is responsible for the care, transportation and other arrangements for the child/teen. There will be no refund and all resulting expenses are the responsibility of the parent/guardian.