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“I was tired of sending my son to the same kind of camp each year. I was looking for something more solid and concrete. Something that would make my kid happier, healthier and trouble free.”
- Erik Mazziotta Corporate Trainer, Houston, Texas, USA
“Most camps and retreats provide an instant gratification curricula, but I would recommend parents to go for a more long lasting, attitude-influencing program like STAMP that pitches the kids into a trouble free and happier future.”
- Neesh Brand Parent, New Delhi, India
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“I was looking for a new approach to bring out the best in each of my children when I discovered Master Del Pe's parenting seminars and coaching-healing programs. Today they are successful in college and both are demonstrating leadership beyond their age. They have good friends and are confident in themselves and their future.”
-Sue Powell Parent, Conroe, Texas, USA
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" STAMP has helped transform both my boys in ways that my husband and I could not do alone. My youngest son, age 10, was very shy and would miss out on opportunities. After STAMP he is communicating with a stronger voice, and speaking confidently in front of others. His pursuit for knowledge is growing. Today he cannot be stopped. My older son is more agreeable to changes we were suggesting to him and has a stronger presence about him."
- Mel Gurry Parent, Connecticut, USA
"Even though I have to pay two plane tickets from Ecuador to Texas, for myself and my daughter, I will enroll her in STAMP. I have not yet seen benefits that this program offers elsewhere."
-Kari Gonzalez Entrepreneur, Guayaquil, Ecuador
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"As a school teacher, we look for the highest standards and innovative programs for children. STAMP satisfied us on the quality we need because it can deliver outstanding life changing tools and practical insights for children growing up in today's troubled times."
- Alee Bell School teacher, Verona, Italy